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About us

Torasoft provides a range business consultancy and IT consultancy services, across a spectrum including specialist roles on IT projects large and small, waterfall and Agile, and providing support to small / medium businesses to allow them to get the best from their IT investment.

Specialist activities

  • Business and systems analysis
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Large scale complex data migrations

SME services

  • Package selection and customisation
  • Short term engagements, for example for contractor substitution
  • Functional / ecommerce website design and implementation
  • Infrastructure / network design and installation
  • Project review and cost-benefit analysis

Technical services

  • Database design, installation, support, enhancement, performance, remedial on all major databases including Oracle, SQLServer, Postgresql, MySQL
  • Automated testing setup

Markit EDM

We have recently been involved in a number of projects using Markit EDM, an enterprise data management tool from IHS Markit. These projects have included the creation of a brand new enterprise application and also large scale complex data migrations (involving multiple source and destination systems and complex non-intuitive data relationships) using EDM as the underlying engine.

Contractor substitution

Please contact us if you wish to discuss a short term engagement to provide sickness or holiday cover by providing a substitute contractor. This can be from as little as one day, allowing you to enjoy the cricket or golf (or whatever!) while ensuring that you continue to provide a service to your end client.

Automated testing

Fitnesse / Selenium Web Driver Test Results

Automated testing is not new, and has always been a useful way to make best use of testing resources, particularly but not entirely for regression testing.

Increasingly organisations are turning to Agile methods such as Scrum. The iterative delivery of such a project throws testing, particularly regression testing, into sharp relief. A major component of a successful Agile project is the ability to perform automated testing, otherwise the burden of regression testing previously delivered software will rise with each successive sprint.

Save money on your application portfolio - Case study

Using software

Bristol City Council in the UK reported expected savings of 60% on switching office application provider. Can your organisation make similar software cost savings?

If you are in the process of purchasing new software, upgrading existing software, or renewing annual licences or support arrangements, now is a good time to review whether there are other alternatives that would provide better value for money.

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