Automated testing

Fitnesse / Selenium Web Driver Test Results

Automated testing is not new, and has always been a useful way to make best use of testing resources, particularly but not entirely for regression testing.

Increasingly organisations are turning to Agile methods such as Scrum. The iterative delivery of such a project throws testing, particularly regression testing, into sharp relief. A major component of a successful Agile project is the ability to perform automated testing, otherwise the burden of regression testing previously delivered software will rise with each successive sprint.

The image on the right shows and example of partial test results (tests still in progress) using Fitnesse and
Selenium WebDriver to test a browser-based application.

The example on the right was surprisingly easy to configure, although this was done in an informal environment and not within the tight security / access constraints of a large corporate.

Automated testing environments such as the example shown can be used to run an entire test suite at the click of a button, and the test tools then provide both summary and detail results for review, improving both testing efficiency and delivered software defect rates.