Open Source

Open source software - market penetration

It is my impression that open source software doesn't get used by industry / commerce as much as might be expected.

Is that correct?

What are the reasons for this?

UK government backs open source

The UK government has said it will accelerate the use of open source software in public services.

Tom Watson MP, minister for digital engagement, said open source software would be on a level playing field with proprietary software such as Windows.

Automated testing

Fitnesse / Selenium Web Driver Test Results

Automated testing is not new, and has always been a useful way to make best use of testing resources, particularly but not entirely for regression testing.

Increasingly organisations are turning to Agile methods such as Scrum. The iterative delivery of such a project throws testing, particularly regression testing, into sharp relief. A major component of a successful Agile project is the ability to perform automated testing, otherwise the burden of regression testing previously delivered software will rise with each successive sprint.

Open source applications examples

A very small selection of some particularly interesting open source applications relevant to business and software development is shown below. Links are given to the relevant websites to allow further review.

Open source software

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), started in 1985, intended the word 'free' to mean "free as in free speech" and not "free as in free beer" with emphasis on the positive freedom to distribute rather than a negative freedom from cost.

Save money on your application portfolio - Case study

Using software

Bristol City Council in the UK reported expected savings of 60% on switching office application provider. Can your organisation make similar software cost savings?

If you are in the process of purchasing new software, upgrading existing software, or renewing annual licences or support arrangements, now is a good time to review whether there are other alternatives that would provide better value for money.

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